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How To Have The Vasectomy Talk

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No matter who is doing the talking and who is doing the listening, having the vasectomy talk is rife with awkwardness and pitfalls. Most times it is the female trying to get her man to undergo the procedure, so it is better to have all your facts and talking points in order. Then start slowly. Here are some tips on how to have the vasectomy talk and what to emphasize.

What Happens During A Vasectomy

During a vasectomy procedure a man’s supply of sperm to their semen is cut off. It is the most permanent form of birth control, but reversals are possible. Local anesthesia is all that is needed to perform this simple procedure.

Find The Right Time

You might think there will never be a right time, but use your common sense. Choose a quiet relaxing day or evening and ask if he has ever thought about a vasectomy.

Surely you and your partner have talked about having children or having any more children. There has most likely been a consensus, but the weight to control this has been on the female side.

Don’t expect an immediate positive response. Even if you get a negative one, acknowledge his feelings and fears but present him with facts going forward.

Much Less Expensive And Quite Common

Not only is a vasectomy less expensive than female sterilization and all the other forms of birth control left to the woman, 500,000 men have one every year. That might get his attention.

Don’t Badger

Let the subject come up naturally in the future. Let him have the time to consider the few facts you have already given him.

Be Ready With The Facts

There are a number of myths floating around about what happens with a vasectomy.

Be ready to debunk any unfounded concerns:

  • A vasectomy will not affect a man’s sexual performance or sex drive. Some men even find out it enhances their performance.
  • A vasectomy will not increase the risk of heart disease.
  • A vasectomy will not increase any risk of cancer in the future.
  • A vasectomy will not cause any discomfort that lasts beyond a few days.

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